Bamboo Relay

Welcome to Bamboo Relay

Bamboo is a 0x relayer - trade any ERC20 token.

This is an early beta release, as such it is advised you limit your trading to small amounts initially.

Getting Started

Connect your Wallet

Select your preferred method of connecting your wallet.

Supported methods currently include: Ledger Wallet, MetaMask, RPC (Geth/Parity), Browser Wallet.

Enable WETH Trading

Once your wallet has been connected, Enable WETH Trading

Wrap Ether

Click 'Wrap' then enter some amount of Ether to wrap.
You can always unwrap once you have finished trading.

Authorize Tokens

To trade on a given pair, you will need to authorise the 0x Proxy Contract to trade on your behalf.
You may do this from the Wallet menu or from the Trade screen.